Concept image of a woman on a diet, eating a measuring tape, isolated on white Women's Diet Plan

At any one time, around a third to a half of women are on a diet. Doesn’t that just seem kind of sad? Not only that, but girls as young as six understand the concept of diets, and might restrict their food intake because they think they need to be thinner.

Diets tend to fail. A lot of research shows that even if you do have a significant amount of weight loss, five years from now, it’s very unlikely that you’ll have sustained that weight loss. In fact, you might even weigh more than you did when you started. That may be because dieting forever changes your metabolism, and there is a lot of ongoing research to support this, but it could also be for the very simple reason that once you go on a diet, you inevitably come off the diet. And once you’ve come off the diet, that’s where things can go wrong.

Another issue is how restrictive many so-called “celebrity” diets can be. They might cut out entire food groups, such as carbohydrates, and may recommend things like eating only raw food or vegetarian food. When you feel so deprived, not only do you feel grumpy and irritable because you’re missing out on your favourite foods, as well as essential foods, but your body is crying out for nutrients and vitamins. You might give in and eat “normally” – no chocolate cakes in sight – but still find that you gain weight. And so you diet, again, thinking that it can’t be fair that you eat normally and gain weight, right? Then, the cycle starts all over again.

Blame It on the Fitness Industry – Not Yourself

Women are often guilty of blaming themselves for not following a diet in the “right” way. I’ve fallen in the same trap. But what most of us don’t know – and what I didn’t learn until recently, is that the weight loss industry and all of these so-called weight loss experts thrive on our failure. Where we fail, they can pick up the pieces, suggesting a new plan that will help us finally lose that weight. But that only perpetuates the cycle more, putting billions of dollars in their pocket at our expense.

How Women Can Break the Dieting and Weight Gain Cycle

In general, the weight loss and diet plans recommended by the fitness industry are far too restrictive and will starve your body of vital vitamins and nutrients, rather than provide it with the nourishment that you need. Ever wonder why you have so many cravings when you’re on a diet? It’s not just because you’re missing certain foods? It’s because your body is crying out for what it needs. Instead, look to healthy diets around the world for inspiration. In general, many Asian populations have an excellent diet – low in fat, high in protein, but low in red meat, and with a high proportion of vegetables. There are also fewer instances of certain types of cancer in this part of the world, and studies have shown that this is largely to do with diet. Another healthy diet to look to is the Mediterranean diet – rich in oily fish, fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables, and when carbohydrates are eaten, they are largely made from scratch.

Basing your diet on plants, rather than meats, is another good choice. That isn’t to say you should cut meat out – but make veggies the star of the show, having meat as a side rather than the major element of the dish will massively increase the amount of veggies you eat, which should have a big impact on your health whilst also reducing the overall amount of calories you’re eating.

So how can you lose weight fast, and permanently, starting right now?

  1. Ignore every fad or mainstream diet that you come across
  2. Throw out all of the junk and processed food in your house, donating it if unopened to a local food shelter or homeless charity.
  3. Learn as much as you can about nutritious, natural foods, and the nutritional makeup of fruit and vegetables. These should always be your go-to’s for snacks, but you should always have plenty of recipes up your sleeve to jazz up your veggies and turn them into something as tasty as can be.