Will Restricting Your Caloric Intake Inhibit Fat Loss? Women's Diet Plan

If you’re looking for the best diet plan for women, I’m sorry to tell you, but you may have come to the wrong place. Most weight loss and diet plans involve restricting calories, right? Seems quite obvious. Restrict calories so that you’re eating less than what you need, so that your body has to burn fat to fuel you through the day. But the issue is that this doesn’t address the real problem behind why you gained weight in the first place – such as lack of proper nutrition, yes, genetics, lack of muscle mass and a slow metabolism.

The Great Big Fad Diet Swindle

Instead of actually trying to help you to achieve your ideal weight quickly and easily, fad diets will severely restrict your calorie intake. Sure, you’ll lose weight quickly to begin with, but soon, that weight loss will come to a screeeeching halt. And why’s that? Well, it may be because you’re not providing your body with enough food, and it starts to become defensive, thinking, “where the heck is my next meal gonna come from?” Fat loss starts to slow then you start to plateau, and then you might even start to gain weight, despite being on minimum calories per day.

This is your body’s way of not starving. It’s a complicated area of study, as the “starvation mode” myth has been debunked, although we do know that depleting your body of calories when you’re overweight can have a huge impact on your metabolism, slowing it down to almost a grinding halt. Then, because your metabolism is so slow, everything that you eat won’t get burnt off as normal. Even if you were to eat as normal, you might find that you gain weight, and that’s because your body is just hanging on to every calorie you put into it, because your metabolism is just so slow nothing is being burnt off. Your body is using what it needs to survive, but at the same time, you gain weight.

Not only that, but you could end up losing muscle – if your body isn’t able to take calories and energy from your fat, it’ll take calories and energy from your muscle, which means that you’ll end up with a lack of muscle mass that will slow your metabolism down even further. Are you on a crash diet, or on a fad diet, right now? Stop. Immediately. Get some nourishment into you. Eat some fruits, some vegetables, some protein – have a good meal.

A good model to look at is the Asian diet. The very nature of it is that it is unrestricted, and makes use of a huge variety of foods. There is no restriction in the food, provided that you stick to the foods that are good for you. Not only that, but in certain cultures, food is very strongly linked with wellbeing, tradition and healing, and if you can find a way to make food part of your healing process, you’ll soon start to appreciate that food is more than just a comfort or something that tastes good – it’s something that can fuel you and heal you.

Essentially, a traditional Asian diet may consist of whole grains, seeds, fruits, vegetables, roots, seaweeds, mushrooms and some lean proteins. Add some spices and herbs to give everything a little bit of flavour and you’ll have food that you can eat for life.